Wall/ceiling absorbers

The individual PREFORM ceiling and wall absorbers complete the broad range of mobile walls and room systems for optimising room acoustics.
PREFORM acoustic wall panels and ceiling absorbers feature PREFORM’s exclusive, patented and acoustically absorbent gypsum foam material, which delivers exceptional sound insulation and absorption in a thin panel construction.

Ceiling/wall absorbersthe Decampo® family
  • The new Decampo® product line complements perfectly the successful and proven PREFORM room dividing systems.
    These innovative felt panels allow rooms to be transformed quickly and easily into individual working and relaxation areas.

    • Preform Decampo®

Decampo® family products Room dividing by wall and ceiling absorbersthe Decato® family
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    Decato® ModulScene individual wall and ceiling absorbers round out the Decato® creative room dividing familywith its all-round acoustic and visual solutions. Identical in form factor to the successful modular system Decato® Modul/ModulSystem – equally modular and rectilinear.

    • Preform Alu

Decato® family products Acoustic wall- and cupboard claddingPanel
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    To improve the spatial acoustics, wall cladding in the form of panels is applied directly to the walls of the building and/or to the rear of free-standing cupboards and cabinets. Various formats and fabrics are available that blend in well with all office furniture systems.

    •  Preform Wall/ceiling absorbers Decato® ModulScene

Products for improving the spatial acoustics