•  Preform Movable wall systems

    total acoustic management®

    People are looking for fresh ideas when it comes to room layouts!
    As a specialist in mobile room dividing solutions, PREFORM has the answer:
    Its imaginative modular wall systems create the workplaces and workstations of today and tomorrow – and help drive dynamic and flexible work processes.

  • Rectilinear design with flat, recessed aluminium cover profile, frameless fabric-covered acoustic wall element
    Instant workplace/workstation reconfiguration with transparent add-on glazing elements
    Add-on cupboard modules in fabric and glass
    Meeting booths with decor glazing modules and storage accessories attached to vertical profile elements

    Decato® Modul / ModulSystem

    Decato® Modul / ModulSystem
    A distinctive characteristic of Decato® Modul/ModulSystem is its simplicity and clean lines. It offers a new take on workplace/workstation design, with fabric-covered modular elements which can be frameless or have a system profile that accept storage elements as well as further room dividing elements.

  • Rectilinear design with flat, distinctive aluminium cover profile, frameless fabric-covered acoustic wall element
    Vertical system profiles and slotted rails integrated in wall elements accept storage accessories that can be attached at various heights
    Dual acoustic wall elements: one side fabric, the other decor
    Double-glazing in slim aluminium frame, wall elements can be horizontal or vertical
    Optional plinth cover profile

    Decato® dp50

    Decato® dp50
    Decato® dp50 offers instant workplace privacy and large-scale room dividing solutions with a wide range of 52 mm-thick modular wall elements and interchangeable decor and glazing elements. The system is flexible, movable and customisable with storage accessories.

  • Harmonious form factor with mitred and rounded tops and sides
    accessories hooked over a wall element
    Room dividers, glazed decor wall alternating with fabric wall

    Formfac® 5 Acoustic

    Formfac® 5 Acoustic
    Formfac® 5 Acoustic has long been a classic amongst movable room dividing systems. The rounded edges feature our ingenious hook-and-loop fastening system for the creation of any angle: quick and easy assembly that needs no tools.

  • Rounded aluminium profiles with mitred and rounded tops and sides
    Table attachment wall
    Hanging rail hooked over wall
    Room dividers, glazed decor wall alternating with fabric wall

    Formfac® 4 Acoustic/Basic

    Formfac® 4 Basic
    The classic Formfac® 5 Acoustic movable room dividing system can be complemented with the Formfac® 4 Acoustic/Basic system – perfect for simple visual screening and room dividing requirements. The rounded edges feature our ingenious hook-and-loop fastening system for the creation of any angle: quick and easy assembly that needs no tools.

  • Harmonious design with curvilinear tops and slim walls
    Round posts for creation of flexible angles
    Instant workstation screening, add-on elements with built-in storage compatibility
    Lightweight room divider

    Decato® dp30

    Decato® dp30
    The elegant Decato® dp30 room divider is an entry-level system that offers a wide range of 30 mm-thick wall elements for workstation visual screening and lightweight room dividing requirements – flexible, movable and with customised storage accessory solutions.

  • Rectilinear design with special recessed aluminium cover profile, contour profile
    Acoustic wall elements, landscape, with perforated metal covering and gypsum foam core
    Storage compatibility built into the contour profile; cable duct can also be used
    Glazed add-on module for sound insulation
    Directly compatible with the Decato® Struktur room-in-room solution
    Storage compatibility built into the contour profile; cable duct can also be used

    Decato® cp50

    Decato® cp50
    Decato® cp50 is an exceptional workstation and workplace dividing solution featuring innovative and patented 50 mm-thick wall elements that can be assembled horizontally or vertically as required. These can be equipped with exchangeable decor and glazing elements. The system is flexible and movable and has a unique contour profile with customisable storage compatibility.

  • Distinctive design with slightly recessed Decato® cover, can be connected with the Decato® clips system
    High degree of sound absorption thanks to gypsum foam core
    Cover decor
    Base plates offset inwards with castors for quick placement

    Decato® ModulBric

    Decato® ModulBric
    Decato® ModulBric, the innovative walls on castors in XL format, supplement the creative room division family Decato®, offering an additional acoustic and optical room design. As ad-hoc screens, their field of application ranges from the lobby through workplaces to meeting points.

  • Room-in-room as a series of half-open cabins; basic structure comprises posts and crossbars
    Fabric-covered acoustic wall and glazed decor wall integrated vertically
    Three-section horizontal acoustic wall elements
    All-glass sliding door, hung from groove in crossbar
    Continuous plinth cable duct

    Decato® Struktur

    Decato® Struktur
    The Decato® Struktur room-in-room solution meets every requirement for flexible, adaptable office space management that’s independent of the building’s structure. Efficiency is guaranteed through the designed-in integration of the technical infrastructure. Open basic structure based on vertical posts and horizontal crossbars that are equipped as required with wall and add-on elements featuring built-in storage accessory compatibility and cable ducting.

  • Rectilinear design, posts and crossbars are identical
    Horizontal wall covers, fabric and glazed elements
    Dual whiteboard-fabric acoustic element
    All-glass sliding door with insulation
    Acoustic roof elements with LED lighting
    Plinth cover profile

    Decato® dp50volume

    Decato® dp50volume
    Decato® dp50volumes are compact, acoustically refined ’think-tanks’ – adaptable cabins created directly from Decato® dp50 room dividing elements. Based on extra insulation between the wall elements and in the plinth area, they provide an intelligent solution to sound absorption and insulation needs; optional roof solutions are also available.

  • Sound absorption with acoustic wall panels
    Choice of formats and colours to suit existing decor
    Invisible wall fixings

    Wall cladding panel

    To improve the spatial acoustics, wall cladding in the form of panels is applied directly to the walls of the building and/or to the rear of free-standing cupboards and cabinets. Customised formats and a large selection of fabric covers and panels capable of accepting storage accessories offer a wealth of design options.

  • High sound absorbency and acoustic room layouts
    Slim; recessed aluminium surround; also available frameless for clipping together using patented Decato® clip system
    Can be combined with Decato® wall systems

    Decato® ModulScene

    Decato® ModulScene individual wall and ceiling absorbers round out the Decato® creative room dividing familywith its all-round acoustic and visual solutions.

  • Preform Decampo®
    Wall panel, mounted using eyes/screw connections or magnets
    Frameless panel, felt surface
    WAVE - 3D design

    Decampo® Ceiling/wall absorbers

    The individual PREFORM ceiling and wall absorbers complete the broad range of mobile walls and room systems for optimising room acoustics.
    PREFORM acoustic wall panels and ceiling absorbers feature PREFORM’s exclusive, patented and acoustically absorbent gypsum foam material, which delivers exceptional sound insulation and absorption in a thin panel construction.

PREFORM (Switzerland) Ltd

PREFORM ranks amongst the leading manufacturers of mobile wall systems for office applications.
As a room dividing specialist domiciled in Feuchtwangen, Germany, PREFORM is the first port of call for office space management requirements in Europe. PREFORM offers an extensive product portfolio comprising solutions ranging from creative room-in-room systems and elegant workstation visual screening to sound-absorbing wall panels.

Our commitment to the environment
 Preform Icon gypsum foam

Environmentally benign gypsum foam

Patented gypsum foam is the unique and exclusive absorptive material used in all acoustic PREFORM products. We specify highly sound-absorbing, environmentally benign and non-hazardous gypsum foam for the core of all our acoustic wall systems

 Preform Icon Environmentally benign materials

Environmentally benign materials

All the materials used by PREFORM are recyclable.

We take care to ensure that the materials we use to manufacture our products do not harm the environment.

Our high-quality products are developed in a way that conserves resources.