About us

PREFORM ranks amongst the leading manufacturers of mobile wall systems for office applications.
As a room dividing specialist, PREFORM is the first port of call for office space management requirements in Europe. PREFORM offers an extensive product portfolio comprising solutions ranging from creative room-in-room systems and elegant workstation visual screening to sound-absorbing wall panel.
PREFORM has long been known for manufacturing solutions tailored to the customer’s specifications, based on our know-how in the development of design-oriented, acoustically effective wall systems.
Now a medium-sized company, PREFORM began producing high-quality, precisely machined room and mobile wall systems.
The company’s sustainable development and manufacturing practices are centred on environmentally benign materials and components; this sets the standard for long product life cycles.

Quality policy

The stable quality of our products is one of the underlying pillars of our business success. To us, quality means meeting our customers' expectations to the highest possible degree. This requires precise coordination of our delivery promises with our customers' needs as well as consistent fulfilment of established quality standards.

In this way, quality is a key criterion underlying the purchase decision and creates a reliable bond with our customers.

To us, an approach based on quality awareness also means making efficient and careful use of valuable resources. Every employee has both the duty and the right to contribute to the elimination of any factors that prevent the manufacture of products in immaculate quality,

For this reason, we also regard the ongoing improvement of quality in the medium and long term as the basis for effective cost reduction and a contribution to environmental protection.

In order to produce quality, it is primarily important to avoid errors at all stages of order handling and to consistently eliminate all sources of error. In doing so, priority is attached by all employees and managers to securing quality and improving it in a focused manner. It requires deliberate commitment and active participation on the part of all employees.

Smooth organisation and highly progressive methods of quality management provide the necessary framework. Managers are obliged to apply the QM measures valid in their area of responsibility, to monitor effectiveness of these and to adapt them to the latest insights and needs. This philosophy and awareness of quality and the attitude of all employees to quality provide the basis for satisfying our customers and therefore for the ongoing success of our company.


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    Hans-Rudolf Germann

    Managing Director

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    Daniel Diener

    Head of sales

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    Head of mounting