Room systems

PREFORM’s modular room systems provide an efficient and design-oriented method for structuring and managing office spaces. PREFORM acoustic wall elements incorporate PREFORM’s exclusive, patented and acoustically absorbent gypsum foam material, which delivers exceptional sound insulation and absorption in a thin panel construction.

Room systems with mechanical clip connectorsthe Decato® family
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    The Decato® product family includes two room-in-room systems: Decato® Struktur for standalone structures within an open space, and Decato® dp50volume for freestanding compact cabins. Both provide ideal environments for constantly changing work processes in the office, both are inter-compatible thanks to the ingenious patented Decato® clip connector system, and both blend in well with all office furniture systems

    •  Preform Decato® dp50volume
    •  Preform Decato® Struktur

Decato® family products