Mobile walls

With six product ranges of mobile walls, PREFORM – the specialist in room dividing systems designed to blend in with all types of office furniture – offers a wide choice of effective workplace and workstation design solutions. PREFORM acoustic wall elements incorporate PREFORM’s exclusive, patented and acoustically absorbent gypsum foam material, which delivers exceptional sound insulation and absorption in a thin panel construction.

Mobile walls featuring mechanical clip connectorsthe Decato® family
  •  Preform Icon Mechanical clip connectors

    The Decato® range of products boasts a varied selection of room dividing systems accommodating diverse requirements and applications. They are inter-compatible thanks to the ingenious patented Decato® clip connectors and designed to blend in with all office furniture systems.

    •  Preform Decato® Modul/ModulSystem
    •  Preform Decato® dp50
    •  Preform Decato® dp30
    •  Preform Decato® cp50
    •  Preform Decato® ModulBric

Decato® family products Mobile walls featuring bell touch connection systemthe Formfac® family
  •  Preform Icon Bell touch connection

    The Formfac® product range, a long-standing classic, offers a vast range of permutations thanks to its gap-free bell touch connection system that requires no tools to assemble. The principle allows the creation of any angle, no matter how many wall elements. The system is designed to blend in with all office furniture systems.

    •  Preform Movable walls - Formfac® 5 Acoustic
    •  Preform Movable walls - Formfac® 4 Basic

Formfac® family products