Decato® ModulBric

Design by Nicole Liebrich

Decato® ModulBric, the innovative walls on castors in XL format, supplement the creative room division family Decato®, offering an additional acoustic and optical room design. As ad-hoc screens, their field of application ranges from the lobby through workplaces to meeting points. Top-quality, slightly recessed aluminium covers with decor finish options underscore the linear Decato® contours Several elements can be connected using the sophisticated, patented Decato® clips system.

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Featuring stable base plates with hidden, lockable castors. Wall thickness 200mm Wall width 1000mm, wall height 1350mm.Fabric wall - with aluminium frame, gypsum foam core, non-woven material (fleece) and fabric covering, pin receptive At the side and the top with slightly recessed aluminium or decor finish covering

  • Wall thickness 200mm - innovative, mobile and independent
  • Flexible screens on castors
  • Highly effective acoustic performance thanks to exclusive patented gypsum foam
  • In the linear Decato® design
 Preform Icon Mechanical clip connectorsMechanical clip connectors
  •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric

Installation examples

  •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
  •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
  •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric

  • Fabrics/materials/elements

    A wide range of fabric colours and grades as well as covers in contemporary materials for customisable Decato® ModulBric wall elements.

    •  Preform A47 wheat
    • Preform A261 Granite
    •  Preform A80 spring
    • Preform A270 Tomato
    • Preform Decampo®
    •  Preform perforated aluminium

    Fabric collection with wide selection of attractive colours and weaves

    PDF fabric collection A krepp PDF fabric collection A lino PDF fabric collection A lana PDF fabric collection F
  • Design

    Complete wall panels on castors are installed individually or clip together using the Decato® clip system, feet are offset inwards for corner combinations without any space between the individual elements

    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric

    In addition to the aluminium cover, additional decor finishes are available for the coverings: Alu grooved - Alu perforated - Walnut decor finish - Wood perforated plate Maple

  • Concept

    Effective acoustic measures in combination with mobile wall systems, or independently such as for offices or meeting rooms, reception areas etc. - temporary and ad-hoc space creation

    •  Preform Movable walls - Decato® ModulBric
  • Environmental awareness

    Decato® ModulBric walls contain non-hazardous, sound-absorbing patented gypsum foam: recyclable, and with climate-regulating properties.

    •  Preform Gypsum foam grey 1
    •  Preform Gypsum foam grey 2
    PDF Information on gypsum foam

    Sustainable product concept, development and production allow for expansion and reconfiguration of the installation at any time, replacement of fabric covers, guaranteed subsequent availability and, at the end of the product cycle, dismantling of the wall elements into their constituent parts.

    •  Preform LGA test for harmful substances
    •  Preform DIN 4102-1 Minimally flammable
    •  Preform Quality Office
    •  Preform GS certification
    •  Preform DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management